Winter seems so long ago now we can’t sleep for the heat! That holiday I booked in the throes of a wintery mood doesn’t look quite as necessary today.
Telly’s still no better though!


I’m all worn out my fling has flung
My final rugby song’s been sung
It’s freezing cold and I’m a wimp
My inner self has gone all limp

The telly doesn’t stand a chance
I’m sick of watching ‘Got to Dance’
Constant  football gets me down
I need a dose of Mrs. Brown.

When spring has sprung – well it might
The world will be a true delight
Until the summer brings the rain
Then all my hopes will drown again

‘Oh woe is me as Shakespeare’ said
Or some else who is now dead
The wind is screeching like a banshee
Just how long will winter be?

Pass the wine and pass the choccies
I’ll get out me summer froccies
Book a cruise, explore by jeep
Cyprus should be pretty cheap.

Oh bugger me, the gas bill’s here
No holidays for us this year
We’ll hunker down – I got the wine –
You very welcome round at mine.

MARCH 2013

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July 14, 2013 · 3:27 pm

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