I don’t do rain!

I don’t do mud and sludge. I’m more a sun and shine sort of person. The only time I want to get wet is when I’m immersed in hot and deliciously scented water, a soft fluffy towel warm and ready.
So, how does that equate with a wet, windy and fairly muddy field in Kent?
It’s not bad. In fact it’s pretty near wonderful – even allowing for accentuating the positive and almost eliminating the negative, it is, truthfully, good.

I have been studying the weather because I firmly believe that if you look at several sites or check out the forecasts on several channels, you will always find one you like. So, for example, three options (there’d be more at home but we do bongo-ing without the distraction of tv). Out of those three options, I pick the cheeriest forecast and that’s the one I place my faith in. The others may warn of heavy rain – I’ll take the one that shows a big sun peeping out from behind a little cloud.

Optimists don’t get as wet as pessimists. It’s true. My husband is a glass half empty kind of person so he expects to get wet and he does. Course, if I was really honest, which I sometimes am, I’d admit that he gets wet because he lets me have the brolly at the first drop of rain. I don’t carry one – my forecast says I won’t need it. And I don’t – one pessimist is enough to keep both of us a little bit dry.

It’s raining again now but that’s outside and we’re inside with a blanket across our knees and whiskey to keep us warm.

My forecast for tomorrow? It might rain. It might be windy. It might even be sunny. Whatever it is, it will be a good day.

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