ghostly manor house


Lock all the doors, the stairs are all creaking,
The moon, very slyly, in windows goes sneaking
Witches and goblins, and black cats abound,
Stay safe in my arms child and make not a sound.

Buffeting branches; whispering sighs,
The hollowed-out echo of answering cries,
The breath of the ogre as slowly he heaves,
The shuffling movements that scatter the leaves.

A gate starts to dance to the tune of the night,
And creatures stand static, frozen in fright,
The crash of the thunder, the scream of the owl,
Death stalks the forest, grievous and foul.

Shadows in corners creep into the room
Twisting and turning in thickening gloom
The hum of the demons, silently creeping,
Steals into your thoughts and into your sleeping.

The stories you read, mere words in your head,
Bring life to your fears as you lie in your bed,
The evil that stalks through each turn of the page,
Delights in the night; engages its rage.

But the world that is shaking its anger tonight,
Will fade with the dawn in the cool morning light,
The moon will be still, the wind will be calm,
Go with your dreams child, you’ll come to no harm.

Peggi Lennard



3 responses to “STORMY NIGHT

  1. What a lovely journey through this poem. Great picture too. I think I might just leave the light on tonight……Neil

  2. ps, where do I click to follow your blog, or am I already doing it? Sigh, is a bit of a duffer sometimes. Could you let me know ?

    • Hello, think there should be a follow blog button at the top of the home page. Click,on that and that should work. If not let me know and I’ll have another look.
      Thanks for the comment on Stormy Night.

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